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Miele Vacuums
Continue the Tradition of Quality Into the Future

Miele Vacuums consistently rank at the top in reviews ranging from quality and style to performance and function. A family owned and operated business that has always focused on the motto of Forever Better and Any Thing Else is a Compromise. This is clearly seen in their new powerhouse upright models, Miele vacuums unique design allows it to easily make the transition from carpeting to smooth surfaces. Along with the seven foot hose and onboard tool holder, Miele vacuum cleaners allow you to conveniently and efficiently move throughout your house at a faster pace.


Certified HEPA filtration is available on most Miele vacuums. This mutli-stage system of filtration will prevent almost all dust and common allergens from reentering the air. The Miele S500 and S600 series are the world’s first ever certified vacuum cleaners, DMT Air Hygiene Test. More and more vacuum cleaner reviews are including the quality of the filtration system in the review, more good news if you are considering a Miele vacuum cleaner.


Miele vacuum cleaners offer two series of uprights the Universal Upright and the Powerhouse Upright. The Universal Upright is perfect for cleaning apartments, smaller homes or quick clean ups. With a 26 foot power cord and onboard tool caddy you have the freedom to quickly and efficiently vacuum from room to room. Some of the features on the Universal Upright include a telescopic handle and the ability quickly adjusts from cleaning the floor to cleaning upholstery.


A Power House Upright is just that, a power house. Equipped with powerful suction, convenient features and a superb filtration system, this is one of Miele's best selling vacuum cleaners. The engineers thought out every aspect in designing this model with special attention to how the dirt is sucked into the bag. Other vacuums are designed to allow the stream of air to go through the motors fan before it reaches the bag, the Power House routes the air around the fan into the bag saving the fan from being damaged.


Some common accessories and features that can be found on Miele vacuums include:


Crevice Tool – for tight spaces and along baseboards and walls


Extension Wand – attachment that is added to the hose for higher and or harder to reach areas


Upholstery Kit - items to help clean upholstery, drapes and other areas


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