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Bagles Perfection

The hot topic in vacuum cleaners is the bagles design. One of the pioneers in this type of design is James Dyson. After noticing how quickly his bag vacuum cleaner was getting clogged and loosing power from blocked airflow he set out to solve the problem. Over 5,000 prototypes later he produced the first cyclonic bagles vacuum. Dyson vacuums are consistently receiving reviews at the top of many categories and many consider them the standard to which other bagles vacuums try to achieve. Spinning air creates centrifugal force which makes the air stream spin the dirt and debris throwing it out of the air. Because the airflow is unobstructed there’s nothing to clog, so suction remains constant.


Among one of the most unique and next generation features you will find on Dyson vacuums or any other vacuum for that matter is on the DC15 The Ball. The ball replaces the standard four wheel setup found on other uprights. DC15 The Ball allows you quickly and effortlessly change direction. During the normal process of vacuuming the engineers at Dyson noticed the momentum and effort involved in moving the vacuum and the strain put on the arms, neck and back. The ball is designed to make the chore of vacuuming user friendly.


Features; the Dyson line of uprights are loaded with features and they all come equipped with the Dyson Root Cyclone Technology, which allows the Dyson vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt without lose of suction. A reversible wand allows you add multiple attachments to the wand to get into those tough to reach areas where you need that extra reach. High Velocity Airflow Tools; Dyson engineers developed a nozzle that blows the air into the carpet as it sucks it into the hose allowing the air to agitate the carpet and lift the dirt.


Dyson vacuum cleaners also feature a lifetime HEPA filtration system to help remove dirt pollen, dust mites even microscopic particles such as smoke from the air. The air from the Dyson is cleaner then the air you breathe. To keep on top of the vacuum cleaner ratings Dyson engineers are always seeking to improve on their technology.


To cover all your cleaning needs Dyson vacuums come in three series: the Dyson DC07, Dyson D14 and Dyson DC15. There are four models in each Dyson series: Dyson All Floors, Dyson Low Reach, Dyson Full Gear and the Dyson Animal. The Dyson Animal is true to its name and is relentless on pet hair and anything else your pet brings in. If you own a cat or dog, I suggest you take a closer look at The Dyson Animal vacuum.








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