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Upright Vacuum Features

One of the most common features of uprights is the bagles system. The performance has increased with this style of vacuum cleaner in addition there is no need to purchase any bags which will save you time and money. However emptying the canister can be a dusty procedure.


Some upright vacuums feature a full-bag alert which will notify you if the bag is getting to full. A dirt sensor will notify you when there is a certain level of particles in the vacuums air stream indicating there is still some dirt not being sucked into the bag. An on/off switch for the power brush is good feature to have when you are using the attachments, this will stop the power brush from damaging the carpeting, it is also good safety feature to have incase the vacuum is pulled over your toes or the vacuum cord.


Most uprights come with a standard set of attachments. Some of the most commonly used accessories include upholstery tools, a crevice tool and an extension wand. A retractable cord and a manual or automatic pile-height adjustment are two more handy features. Some of the better vacuums have dirt sucked through the bag initially before it reaches the fan, other systems have the dirt goes through the fan first then to the bag, this may damage the fan. A HEPA filter is another common feature on uprights.







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