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Canister Vacuum Features

Retractable cords are common on most canister vacuum cleaners, considering most cords are around 25 feet in length this handy feature helps from not having to drag the cord around and possibly damaging furniture. Usually you push a button or give slight tug and the cord will retract into the vacuums canister.


The nozzle is usually one of two types, a suction nozzle or a power nozzle. To thoroughly clean your carpet it is recommended that you use the power nozzle. The power nozzle has features that will agitate the carpet and loosen up the dirt for a deeper cleaning. One more feature to look for on a canister vacuum is a suction-control switch, this will allow you to adjust the airflow for cleaning delicate material, drapes and upholstery. Some handle grips also have an automatic shut off should you loosen your grip or let go of the handle.


Pile-height adjustment is another feature that may be offered on a canister vacuum. Being able to match the height of the vacuum to the height of the carpet will improve cleaning. Automatic pile-height adjustment does not seem to work as effective as if you are able to manually adjust the height on the vacuum cleaner.







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