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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Information to Help Make Your Home Cleaning Easier

Vacuum cleaners have been around for over one hundred years. In that time they have progressed from heavy relatively inefficient machines to light, sleek, efficient and versatile vacuum cleaners. Popular brands today include: Miele, Dyson, Hoover, Oreck and Eureka.

When you start your vacuum cleaner reviews of the different manufacturers and their many models and styles, also consider the accessories included and optional accessories you may need to purchase separately to meet your cleaning needs.

Dyson vacuums and Miele vacuums include many standard features that can tackle most cleaning situations without you having to purchase additional cleaning tools. Price may be an issue in your decision, no worries; we will discuss some of the more popular vacuum cleaner reviews and hopefully provide you with enough information to guide you to the one that will fulfill your needs.

When deciding on what type of vacuum cleaner to purchase, try a top down approach to help narrow down your search to type, model and manufacturer. Please start your vacuum reviews with the following information to better assist in making your selection. Let’s get started.

Deep Cleaning Vacuums (or steam vacs):
These vacuum cleaners are more commonly known as steam vacs and are primarily used on carpet stains, but newer models work equally as well at cleaning hard flat surfaces.


Hand Held Vacuums:
Hand Held vacuum cleaners are easily transported, and offer many more features with increased cleaning applications than in the past.


Broom Vacuums:
These light weight machines are excellent for small area floor cleanings.


Wet/Dry Vacuums:
Typically these heavy duty machines have been used in the garage or workshop but the newer models are much quieter and are being used inside the home more frequently.


Upright Vacuums:
By far the most popular style of vacuum cleaner on the market, light, powerful and easy to store.


Canister Vacuums:
Canister vacuum cleaners are the second most popular vacuum on the market, they work exceptionally well on drapes, stairs and upholstery.


Central Vacuum Cleaners:
With central vacuum cleaners there are two main system components, the power unit (canister) and the power brush. This is the most expensive style of vacuum cleaner, but also the most powerful.








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